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Residential / Day

Everything You Need to Know

Pre K - 12

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Where Campers and Counselors

play outside in a place

where safety comes first,

silliness is encouraged,

discovery is inevitable,

friendships grow,

and faith becomes real.

" At camp I get to really connect with God and I take time out of my day to devote to him in both fun and serious ways. I don't get to go to church a lot but I learn a ton from this camp. I have fun without my phone and have a good time meeting new people. The day is never wasted here and this camp means so much to me. I love the counselors, food and activities. This is why camp matter to me!" - Summer Camper




The quintessential camp experience
The Power of Overnight Camp

Resident camp is designed to instill independence, self-esteem, and confidence in the campers.  With so many different activities camp allows campers to try new things in a safe environment. Counselors go through our intensive staff training where they learn how to encourage campers to try new things, to make new friends, and to step out of their comfort zone.  They praise these new achievements and are also trained in ways to create an environment where the camper feels accepted for who they are

Cabin Life

Over the course of the week, as they play together, live together, and laugh together, each cabin becomes a close knit unit, with many unique stories and tales to share upon their return home.  Through shared experience and spending so much time together, many campers form friendships that last well beyond the end of the camp week. 

During The Day Fun

During the day Resident Campers will participate in a small group to experience many of the best activities camp has to offer. Lake toys, zipline, gaga ball, hayride to the farm, group games, and archery are just a few of the many camp activities that your residential camper might participate in. In a small group campers will get to try new things they might not normally choose while also forming strong friendships with campers in their group. 

Exciting Evenings

Each night after dinner, residential campers participate in camp-wide activities and games that are exclusive to the residential camp experience.  Each night brings new adventures and activities which the cabins participate in as a group.  This further strengthens the bonds and friendships formed in each cabin. Every night ends with evening vespers.  This is a short devotion time with songs, lessons, and prayer before the campers return to their cabins.  Along with morning worship and our small group time, evening vespers helps us to frame the day, and all that we do, within the Word of God.

Group in a canoe
Kid shooting a bow
Day Camp at Its Best

Day Camp at Chestnut Ridge is simply amazing. Campers will find that they get to experience many of the fun activities camp has to offer, great outdoor adventures like climbing, swimming, canoeing, the farm, zipline, hayrides, crafts, and more! You will also find a dedicated summer staff playing with the campers and actively engaging them in the life of the community. These great counselors make every day at camp memorable. Your camper will hop in your car at the end of the day sweaty, tired, and full of stories about their adventures at Chestnut Ridge!


Morning Snack & Afternoon Snack are provided.

Day campers bring their own lunch that does not require refrigeration.

Kid jumping into a pool
Kids getting off bus

Monday - Friday

7:45 - 8:30 - Day camp drop-off

8:30 - 9:15 - Worship

9:30 - 12:30 - Activity time

12:30- 1:30 - Lunch

1:30- 5:00 - Activity time 

5:00 - 5:45 - Day camp pick-up

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