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Join us as we grow in our faith together! 

Parents and caregivers along with their kids are warmly invited to join us as we learn and grow together in a Christ-centered and kid friendly environment.

What is Seeds of Faith?

Seeds of Faith is a new ministry of Camp Chestnut Ridge and Orange Cooperative Parish that seeks to support parents and caregivers in passing on their faith and values to their kids. We hope that as a result of this program, families will feel less alone in their faith and parenting journeys as they build deeper connections with their kids, other families, and with God. We are grateful to Lilly Foundation Inc for so generously funding us through its Christian Parenting and Caregiving Initiative


Monday Night Dinners

On Break for the Summer!
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Something special happens around a table. We hope that through weekly time together over a shared meal, families will form a community of support and encouragement as they seek to more fully integrate their faith into family life. 

While we are gathered, we will also participate in faith-based activities. Sometimes we will have an intergenerational program and other times grownups and kids will have separate programming that is more targeted to their needs. 

Join us for our Summer Book Club! 

This summer we will be reading and discussing Woven: Nurturing a Faith Your Kid Doesn't Have to Heal From by Meredith Miller. Anyone who parents or cares for kids in any capacity is welcome to join us. All participants will receive a copy of the book. 


From Woven
Most Christian parenting books are ready with exact practices every family should follow in order to raise obedient children. In this obedience-training model, faith is a wall, constructed brick by brick, as adults tell children what to believe and how to behave. But what if obedience is not the goal of Christian parenting? What if it’s our job as parents to instead help our kids get to know God and discover that God can be trusted?  And what if faith is not constructed brick by brick, but rather woven strand by strand?

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Who is this ministry for?


Seeds of Faith welcomes people from various family structures and faith experiences including:

  • Families who do not attend church, but would like to share their faith with their kids.

  • Families who are active in their local church, but would like to learn new resources and practices to try at home.

  • Families who aren't sure where they fall on the faith spectrum.

  • Parents and Caregivers who would like to meet other parents/caregivers to build new friendships and support one another.

  • Two parent or Single parent families, grandparents caring for grandkids, foster families, LGBTQIA+ families, multi-generational homes, families with neurodivergent or disabled family members, and other families of various structures are welcome to attend.


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