2902 Mt. Willing Road, Efland, NC 27243

Join us at the farm!

Campers, preschoolers, afterschoolers, groups, and community gardeners

are invited to play, work, eat, learn, and grow on our 20-acre farm property 


What does garden membership look like?

  • Open Garden Hours 3x/week for gardening and playing at the farm. We are very kid-friendly. Babies welcome, too! (No pets, please.)

  • Gardening in community - we share the space (rather than individual plots) and help each other!

  • Events/gatherings - many free, some with a small fee to help cover expenses. 

  • Vegetables, fruit, flowers and eggs for your table!

  • Guidance from Farmers Erica and Sandy as well as other fellow gardeners

  • New friends + time outside!

  • Membership cost: $20/year per household. 

  • For those for whom cost may be a concern, please speak with our farmers for alternative options!


Regular (March-Nov.)

Tuesdays 4-6pm

Thursdays 9am-noon

Saturdays 4-6pm


Tuesdays 3-5pm

Thursdays 10am-noon

1 Saturday/month TBD

Open Garden Hours

We have fun year-round on the farm!

Check out what is coming up next!


Our farm community consists of campers ranging in age from 3 to 18, church and school groups, and families, friends, and neighbors!

When we come together to

garden and eat, we learn more

about one another, the land,

and life on the earth we all share.


As we tend our farm, we look to nature as model. How might we best work WITH nature to produce foods that honor our bodies as well as the soils and streams? How can we be sensitive to the needs and health of our livestock, our wild creatures, our habitats, AND ourselves?


A garden can be a place of learning,  solace, friendship,

growth, and renewal.

We hope that our farm will offer you

 a place to experience more of God’s love within the context of creation.


  • Visit during Open Garden Hours - 2902 Mt. Willing Road, Efland, NC

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