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 The foundation of our After School program is supervised, unstructured outdoor play that teaches kids how to have fun outside and how to play with others. Staff also plan days of special structured activities like cooking, archery, canoeing, sports, crafts, gardening and more .

The Chestnut Ridge After School Program is a safe, faith based environment where a child can enjoy natural fun and just be a kid. 

Transportation Provided by Chestnut Ridge to

Students in Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Efland-Cheeks Elementary

E.M. Yoder Elementary

The Expedition School

Garrett Elementary  

Grady A. Brown Elementary

Gravelly Hill Middle School

Eno River Academy *Pending Interest


Hillsborough Elementary

New Hope Elementary

Orange Middle School

River Park Elementary

Stanback Middle School

South Mebane Elementary

You can pick your student up at Chestnut Ridge any time before 6pm


Full Time

Elementary Traditional Schools

$300 per month: Sept - May (9 mo)

August and June exempt


Hillsborough Elementary

(Year Round)

$225 per month: July - June (12 mo)


The Expedition School

(Year Round)

$270 per month: Aug - May (10 mo)


Traditional Middle Schools

$260 per month

Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons are also offered at an additional cost for After School students during the Fall and Spring.

Part Time

All Elementary Students

$25 per day

Must enroll for specific days (ex. Mon and Wed) on a monthly basis


Traditional Middle School Students 

$18 per day: July - June (12 mo)

Inclement Weather

Chestnut Ridge will follow Orange County School decisions in regard to inclement weather.

Early Dismissals

$20 per day for students not already enrolled in the After School program

Students need to bring a lunch; snacks will be provided

2023-2024 PRICING



  • First month's registration requires a $50 non-refundable annual supply fee and a $100 deposit per student. The deposit will be applied to your first month's tuition.

  • Monthly tuition is due by the 5th of each month. 

  • Tuition can be paid in-person with cash/check, or online with a credit/debit card or automatic withdrawl.

  • Late tuition payments will receive a $20 late payment fee

  • A month’s notice is requested for any child discontinuing the program

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