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Translating Your Experience

21st Century Skills

The decision to work as a summer camp staff member says a lot about you. No matter the role you will play at camp, ultimately you will want to make sure that your resume reflects the experience in such a way that will be meaningful to future employers.

Your resume should follow a few rules:

  • Resumes should be one page.

  • Always send in PDF format. 

  • Use more bullets points to share most relevant experiences.

  • Stay away from personal pronouns (I, me, my).

  • Use active language such as: advise, analyze, collaborate, communicate, facilitate, lead, manage, resolve, supervise, train.


Core Qualifications

Select language that best represents your responsibilities, as well as ties your capabilities to 21st-century job skills sought by today’s employers 

Learning Skills 

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking



Problem Solving

Knowledge Skills

Business specific skills




Activity-specific abilities/certifications

Program Administration

Life Skills



Social Skills





Example Summer Staff Descriptions For Resume:
  • Use creative thinking skills to design and lead Summer Camp programs that complement and affirm the camp’s overall mission.

  • Strive to maintain a positive, fun and professional atmosphere.

  • Evaluate current summer camp programs for effectiveness. Re-design, improve, or eliminate programs as needed as well as create, design, and implement new programs.

  • Ensure that camp operations comply with American Camp Association standards. 

  • Implement problem solving skills and flexibility to ensure guest and camper satisfaction and program quality.

  • Facilitate groups in team-building exercises to help identify areas of growth and collaboration. 

  • Think critically to ensure participants safety in high risk activities such as high ropes, zipline, adventure trips, horseback riding and swimming. 

  • Collaborate with staff to design and implement programs and lead participants in daily activities.

Summer Staff Example Resume

General Example Resume

Summer Staff Applications are now open!

Questions about working at Chestnut Ridge? E-mail

Resume information adapted from American Camping Association's Project Real Job

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