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God calls us to serve in ways that we never thought we needed to do, for me that was coming to work at a faith based camp where the degree I had been pursuing the past three years would have little use. I was living in Italy and pretty set on going into the pharmaceutical field when I was looking for a summer job and thats when I first looked into Camp Chestnut Ridge out of curiosity. Little did I know that decision would change my life for the better. 

Working at Chestnut Ridge has given me some of my best friends as well as some of the best co-workers that I could have ever asked for. They will always support you in all of your endeavors and are always there to lend a listening ear and to have meaningful fellowship over a meal. 


The amount of skills that I have gained from this job is unbelievable. I have learned how to work patiently with such a wide variety of staff and campers. I have also learned so many fun skills like how to drive a tractor and how to put up a dropped rope forty feet up between two trees on the dynamics course. The skills that you learn in this kind of work are skills that prepare you for any kind of workforce and make you an extremely well rounded person. (Checkout this page for how being on summer staff can look on your resume)

God led me to work here and in this type of ministry for a reason, he knew what my heart needed and where I would find happiness. My happiness is here outside, working with these kids and making a positive difference in their young lives. Even if that is as simple as teaching them new lanyard tricks or as complicated as helping them conquer their fears to reach the zipline platform. 

If you are reading this today maybe it’s a sign from above to make a positive change in your life even if it scares you or even if it doesn’t relate to what you want out of the future. This job has a little something for everyone and even just one summer here can have a lasting impact on how you work with others and how you view God’s amazing creation. It changed my life for the better so take the chance and apply to be apart of our camp family next summer, we would love to have you!   

-Mary Lilliston Summer Staff 2019


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