Church Camp Partnership


The Church Camp Partnership Program is a result of our commitment to local churches. Churches who have ten or more campers that wish to attend the same session, can contact our office to set up their program. Churches will provide transportation to and from camp during their registered session for day campers. Campers will participate in the full life of camp with others in their age group. Each participating Church will have a coordinator to work directly with the parents and our office.  The Church Camp Partnership Program includes both day camp AND resident camp.


1.  Church Camp Partnership (CCP) coordinators from each interested church will contact the Camp Chestnut Ridge office to set up their Church Camp Partnership Program.  After the week from your Church Camp Partnership Program is agreed upon, a discount code will be sent to the Church Camp Partnership coordinator.  

2.  Church Camp Partnership coordinators will promote the Church Camp Partnership week, recruit campers, and communicate the discount code to parents.

3. Parents/Guardians will register their campers for their desired Camp Chestnut Ridge program during the week that their church has registered for CCP.  During the registration process, they will be asked to enter any discount codes.  They will enter the code received from their Church's CCP coordinator.  The code will apply a $50 discount to the registered program.  

4. Camp Chestnut Ridge will provide the CCP coordinator with a list of campers registered from their church

5.  CCP coordinators will communicate information regarding transportation to parents